The Time Series databases

The Market

The Time Series market is seeing a sudden and huge growth in the database market. As seen on the chart (on the left) Provided by DB-Engines.

More detail on this in the excellent article provided by ARC Advisor Group.

What are they ?

Time Series databases differ from the traditional SQL databases in that they mainly store couples of timestamp + numeric value lists. Of course, the TSDB (Time Series Database) is expected to store large amounts of this times data.

One time series can visually be represented by a curve. That series of timed values represents any one immutable point of measurement. 

Note that each immutable point of measurement is uniquely identified into the TSDB by a tag made of readeable characters. More on this subject here, please go on reading.

The Internet Of Things

The IOT technologies bring a lot of new possibilities and call for more and more TSDB instances. The IOT market contributes to the strong increase in TSDB market.

The historical actors

TSDB has been used by the Utilities industries for deacades. TSDB, also called Historian, in the specific Utilities market can be found as :


Honeywell's Uniformance PHD Historian

Emerson DeltaV Historian

Ovation Historian

Inductive Automation's Ignition Historian

AspenTech IP.21 Historian

Wonderware Historian

GE Proficy Historian

Kepware Historian


The new players

New players are emerging such as :






Kairosdb (based on Cassandra)


GridDB (open source)


All these TSDB solutions create a path for IngeniBridge to build the business and operational value on top of them.

A lot of Data...

The TSDB spreads in two directions.

The vertical direction holds the time depth and the timestamped acquired values. The higher the time frequency of acquisition, the bigger the TSBD.

The wide direction holds every point of measurement (Time Series unique TAG reference). These can be hundreds of thousands and even millions.

All this can become huge...

In this Big Data universe, correlating the times series can easily become a nightmare. IngeniBridge software solution was created to address this crucial concern.