Application Architecture

The IngeniBrige technological environment

The technological environment to run IngeniBridge is the .Net Framework 4.8 and .Net WebForms.

Please note that a .Net Core porting is being at work.

Integrating IngeniBridge in your Architecture

IngeniBridge runs under the application server Internet Information Services. Please note that Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019 is required.

Deploying IngeniBridge on the Cloud

IngeniBridge can be deployed on the cloud at your convenience and at the provider of your choice, Amazon Web Services, Azure, etc.... See our public demonstration on the cloud by clicking this link.

REST API and Swagger for open interoperability

IngeniBridge services are accessible using REST technology. For more interoperability, the interfaces are publish through the Swagger standard. See our public demonstration on the cloud by clicking this link.

Application gap is an advantage

IngeniBridge comes down into your IT architecture as a new component technically disconnected from your Time Series Database. That means double requesting, first request the IngeniBridge server to identify the right timed datas, second request the TSDB to extract the timed points.

While historical TSDB players in the industry provide some simple contextualization, one may ask if IngeniBridge is relevant.

But that is not the case, IngeniBridge brings the following advantages for your architecture:

  • IngeniBridge lets you address the functional contextualization in a fully business view
  • IngeniBridge lests you use new TSDB player solutions
  • IngeniBridge lets you use several TSDB solutions at the same time while having a unique and global functional contextutalization

Take a look at a simplified IT architecture diagram just below: