Smart Requesting against the Functional Contextualization with IngeniBridge

Contents Requesting

Requesting is two types that correspond to different business use cases :

Requesting can be made using the contents such as requesting all the datas of type electricity or all the assets upon a functional sectorization.

Multi-Dimensional Requesting

Building on the previous requesting model, it is possible to stack the criterias. For example requesting all the datas of type electricity upon a functional sectorization.

Strong typing and Requesting

Every entity, be time series or asset, is strongly typed. As such, it is possible to request upon those types. For example request all the assets of type ProductionSite. Of course, UML inheritance is applicable as regards super types.

Full Asset Parents Qualification

The IngeniBridge database is built as a hierarchical tree. In this logic, the parent characteristics propagate down to the nodes in the tree. That is why it is possible to request all the time series that are put under nodes of type ProductionSite or all the time series that are put under nodes of type Equipment and those upon a functional sectorization.

Enriching Request Information at Design-Time

The indexer engine has a generic behavior. But it is possible to enrich its behavior using special attributes set at design time into the object model. These special attributes are provided by the native IngeniBridge core of functions which is a public library (more on this in next chapters).

Time-Frame based

Every sigle node in the tree has a Begin and End time. Of course when the end time is expired, it means the node is not activated. It is possible to use the request engine at a specific date and time to see the picture at this very moment (more on this in the next chapter about historization).


IngeniBridge is able to maintain flat nomenclatures for valuing attributes in business objects. The list of nomenclatures can be retrieved with this link. And the contents of any nomenclature (say type of measure) can be retrieved with this link.

Reusing the Data Model

It is possible to request the full Data Model of the operational IngeniBridge database. This link retrieves it. So, this way, it is possible to reuse it widely in the IT architecture.