Business Intelligence

Flatenning the IngeniBridge tree

The IngeniBridge entities (assets and Time Series) are organized as a logical tree. When requesting (see contract) the database then the results are provided as a list of entities. Each entity containg the list of parents as a list. This structure renders the internal tree form.

When working with Business Intelligence, this hierarchical structure must be flatenned to a be compliant with BI solutions. This task is provided to you by IngeniBridge (see contract).

Retrieving the tables in the IngeniBridge database

At first the tables contained inside the IngeniBridge database can be discovered. The assets and time series are represented in two distinct tables. Next, each nomenclature is represented in a separate table.

The table list can be retrieved using this REST request.

Retrieving the Select clauses

The Select clauses are dependant unpon the Data Model. It is possible to explore the Select clauses available for the IngeniBridge database. An example of requesting the clauses from the time series table can be invoked here.